New Experience in Camp Nou

Pada liburan akhir tahun yang lalu, Tevka dan keluarga berlibur ke Spanyol. Mereka mengunjungi banyak tempat yang berhubungan dengan hobi Tevka dan dua adiknya, Naevan dan Gibral. Yuk, ikuti kisah perjalanannya dari surat yang dikirim Tevka untuk Keluarga Esjepe.




The Camp Nou is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe alongside other glories like Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena and Manchester United’s Old Trafford . The Camp Nou officially opened in 1957 with its first match being FC Barcelona against English side Watford and finishes with the score line 4 -2 for Barcelona . It has been around for 57 years and has a capacity of 127.500 seats . Camp Nou is not only the home of the Barcelona Football Club, it is also the home of the basketball , ice hockey and floor hockey teams . The stadium has an ice rink and restaurants for snacking before or after the tour.
The Camp Nou experience starts by buying a ticket . The main entry gate is in front of the ticket stand. By scanning your ticket, you can immediately start the tour or rent an audio guide.


The entry gate


The tour starts with a museum tour of FC Barcelona and their achievements alongside a small dedication to Barcelona and La Liga top scorer Lionel Messi with his 4 Balon D’or trophies and Golden boots . The stadium is then shown after the museum tour. The view was spectacular and was great.


The stadium and pitch


The stadium has a commentator box so commentators and news representatives can report the events of the match. I have a fear of heights which makes me fell uncomfortable in the box. Barcelona representatives and the club president sit at the very bottom row on wooden seats . The dugout area is separated for FC Barcelona and their opponents . Before the match, the tunnel where the players come to the pitch, has a tiny memorial place for one of the managers. The place for interviews is separated into columns so multiple players and the coach can be interviewed.




The commentator box


The changing rooms is completely different than the ones I visited before. The changing rooms didn’t have the shirts of the players but a small slide show of the famous players who sat there like Tomas Rosicky and Ryan Giggs. The stadium has multiple photo places. You can take a photo with a star player or pretend to be in the stadium celebrating.


The changing room


Qatar Airways is the sponsor of FC Barcelona and last year , Qatar released an advertisement promoting their sponsorship with Barcelona called “Barcelona City”. It features an attendant touring a city filled with Barcelona fans, a referee and Barcelona players in their daytime jobs. The props were displayed in a deicated section for Qatar Airways. It shows the cast, props and the commercial itself .

The tour ends in the museum and also in a photoshoot with a certain Barcelona player . After the photoshoot , we walked past pictures of the first team players that were drawn.


The front of Camp Nou


The tour ends with a visit to the shop which has 3 floors. The 3 floors include a dedicated floor to Nike, a place for shirt printing and in the second floor, a giant screen showing a Nike ad.


The giant screen


After the visit , we returned to the entry point to hop on the bus to head home .

The Camp Nou or Nou Camp was a great experience as the second you walk in you could feel the variety and excitement inside you when walking through the entry gate. One thing for sure, the Camp Nou experience is highly recomended.