#46 It’s Not Titanic


(Surat Ikyu untuk Kalissa Diva Azhara, teman SD, sahabat, di Jakarta)


KM Kelimutu, 27 Juni 2011

Kal, this is my first time inside KM Kelimutu, this ship is going to be the place I’m going to live in for a couple of weeks! And I was shocked when I saw the ship’s condition. I mean, who wouldn’t? Especially someone like me who is not so experienced in travelling by water transportation. I was expecting more of a cruise ship, you know those ships you’ve seen in movies and travel brochures. But KM Kelimutu is not one of those ships, this one is old and filled with soooooooooo many cockroaches.

Ugh! Seriously cockroaches are the worst! My mom tried to spray insecticide, but it won’t help. It didn’t actually worked the way we wanted it to be, because it just made matters worst, the cockroaches that were hiding inside started to came out because they were intoxicated. So the best thing to do right now is to swat them with slippers. Yup, you heard me, slippers as in sandals.

I feel really bad for my sandals cause I used them to hit the cockroaches. But as long as I don’t have to see any cockroaches in this room, I’m good. In my whole life I never imagined that I would see that many cockroaches. Just wish me luck cause it’s going to be a long journey. Bye :p xx