#32 Small and Beautiful


(Surat untuk Shabrina “Shabby” Khairunisa, teman SD, sahabat, di Jakarta)


Sabang, 22 Juni 2011


Shabby! Right now I am in Sabang, one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, so BE JEALOUS! Hahaha. LOL. I really love it here, there are beaches everywhere and you know I love beach! Sabang is a small town, it’s not really small but you can easily remember the way to a few places. The first night in Sabang, I slept in a small villa at Iboih. And in the morning I went to Rubiah Island.

After that, we checked-in at a hotel located in Pantai Sumur Tiga called Freddie’s. What I like about this place is their food. It’s SO YUMMY! Starting from pancakes, toasts, and other things that I can’t stop eating. Freddie’s also has a great beach view, you can enjoy your tea or hot chocolate while sitting on it’s wooden deck, facing the sun rise. I would love to go here again! You should ask your mom to go to Sabang sometimes.

Oh, I nearly forgot that to reach Sabang it will need time, example: 4 hour flight from Jakarta to Banda Aceh, then a ferry ride for an hour or two. You should have more than two days, because you already used one day for the travelling part. YOU SHOULD REALLY COME HERE A.S.A.P!