#29 Let’s Explore


(Surat Ikyu untuk Nazifa Karamoy, teman SD, sahabat, di Jakarta)


Iboih, 21 Juni 2011

Hi Naz, I heard you’re going to Bali for this summer holiday. Next time, if you wanted to go to a new holiday destination with beautiful view, I suggest you to go to Iboih, Sabang. The underwater life is AMAZING! If you came to Iboih, you should visit Rubiah Island, it’s a small island near by Iboih. Here, you should really go snorkeling. If you don’t have snorkeling gears like goggle, snorkel, life vest, and fins, don’t worry because you could rent it and the price is not too expensive.

The water is very clear, almost crystal clear. I could see lots of fish swimming around me. They are beautiful and colorful too. Me and my mom really love snorkeling and enjoyed our time very much, while my dad was busy taking pictures with his camera. When we feel tired we could just lay down on its soft white sand or just sink on the water, relaxing our body and mind.

You know what, Naz? In Rubiah Island, I met tourists from Hungary. Can you imagine that? They came from far far away to our country. They said our country is very beautiful and we are so lucky that we have so many beautiful beaches. Well, we should be very proud of our country. And we must explore more, because there are so many great places in Indonesia other than Bali.

I hope you have a lovely holiday!