#25 Hello, Weh!


(Surat Ikyu untuk Nabila Harahap, teman SD, sahabat, di Jakarta)


Selat Sabang, 20 Juni 2011


Hi, Nabila! I am now on KMP BRR, a ferry that will take us to Sabang in Weh Island. It will only take us two hours to reach our destination. It is really, really hot in Aceh but the view is amazing. There are green hills and blue water surrounding the Island.

The ferry is pretty clean, and there are also people selling food on it, so my mom and tante Decyca bought some instant noodles, which is a great thing to eat when you’re bored. I mean, I can’t do anything for two hours, what am I supposed to do? Jump out of the ferry? And there is no signal here, so I can’t use my phone. Hey, I’m only a kid, I get bored easily! I know you’ll feel the same way too if you were in my position. LOL.

Okay then, I think our ferry will be arriving in Sabang shortly. I have to prepare my belongings. That’s all for now, see you soon, Nab.