#21 3000 Tons


(Surat Ikyu untuk Sashkia Itasca Mulyadi, teman SD, sahabat, di Jakarta)


Banda Aceh, 20 Juni 2011

After a long and horrible night on the bus that took us from Medan to Aceh, here I am! Right now I’m in Banda Aceh, and being here brought the memories when the tsunami hit Aceh in 2004.

There is a museum that contains pictures, evidence, and other things that are connected to the tsunami that happened in Aceh. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to visit the museum. The time was too short. I went to kampung Punge Blang Cut.

Kampung Punge Blang Cut is a place where a ship that weights almost 3000 tons landed in the middle of a village, swept by the wave. That must be a very huge and powerful wave! And I also saw another boat that was swept to land, and landed in one of the roof of a villager house.

In Banda Aceh we ate satay and soto for brunch, it was so delicious. Then we visited Masjid Baiturrahman to pray and rest while waiting for my mom whose coming from Jakarta.