#12 Suster Ngesot


(Surat Ikyu untuk Sarah Ayessa Betts, teman SD, di BSD, Tangerang)


KM KELUD, 18 Juni 2011


Sarah, a few hours after our ship left the harbor, and I’ve gotten so bored because I have nothing to do. I’ve watched all the movies I brought from home and there’s only one TV channel with a clear picture.

Of course that’s not the only entertainment on this ship, every night at 9 o’clock, there is a live music at the restaurant. There are so many rules if you want to go in there, like: You can’t use sandals, can’t smoke, wear neat clothes, and if you want to dance, you have to bring your own dance partner. Lots of rules to do. And I think “bring your own dance partner” part is very funny :p I kept laughing every time I hear the announcement.

There is a movie theatre in the ship, but mostly are Indonesian horror movies like: Hantu Goyang Jupe-Depe, Suster Ngesot and those kinds of movies. I hate scary movies, so I never go to the theatre. Beside scary movies there are action movies, but action isn’t my thing also, I didn’t watch it too.