#9 Welcome Aboard!


(Surat Ikyu untuk Winona Sudhowo, sepupu, di Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur)


KM KELUD, 17 Juni 2011


Hey Nona, right now I’m in KM Kelud, one of PELNI’s ship. I’m on my way to Belawan, which is located in Medan. The ship is really clean, and the foods are also good. When I said the ship is clean, it is really clean. This ship has won PT. PELNI’s best ship of the year. Everything is well-maintained in this ship. The shower was running and the water heater was on too.

Bapak just told me that most of PELNI’s ship named from Indonesian great mountains, such as Kerinci, Lambelu, Lawit, Leuser, Pangrango, Sinabung, Sirimau, Umsini, Ciremai, Dobonsolo, Dorolonda, Kambuna, Kelimutu, Dempo, and of course, Kelud. It made me realize that Indonesia has so many mountains.

Today, when we were having lunch in the saloon there was a live band, but I don’t know any of the song they were singing. I was hoping they would sing like Justin Bieber’s songs or maybe Katy Perry’s. But no, they kept singing all these old songs that I never heard before in my life.

This trip will take three days. My favorite place on this ship is at the upper deck, because it’s a great place to see the ocean view. There are benches along the deck’s side and the wind is also great in the afternoon.

On the 6th deck, there is a shop that sells ice cream, drinks, and snacks. There is also a karaoke in the ship, and not forget to mention the movie theatre. It will cost you Rp 10.000 to get inside the theatre. The sad thing is, there is no internet connection. I think I’m going to be off from twitter for a few days…