Warna Indonesia goes to Plzen

This summer I went to Czech Republic to perform in a few folklore festival with Warna Indonesia performing Indonesia’s traditional dances. We kick started our journey in Plzen, a town located 90 km from the capital city, Prague. When we arrived the weather was beautiful, and I thought that I brought the perfect clothes. Oh how wrong was I, cause when I had breakfast the next morning it was FREEZING! 9 DEGREES CELSIUS! I was horrified because I didn’t expect it to be that cold and I only packed tank tops and leggings. I only brought 1 hoodie with me so yeah… wardrobe malfunction happening right there.

With my best buddy, Taya Sidharta :)

Well on to a better note, I had so much fun there. Met a lot of new friends from many different countries who were joining us in the festivals. There are many other countries joining us, there are the group from Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland. They were all really nice and friendly, we got the chance to know them and add them on Facebook. And because we all share a hotel, we got to throw after parties in the lobby, we danced and sang all night long (thank god there were no other guests in the hotel) :D

Oh and I just can’t forget about the FOOD! Czech has the best sausages I would say, its so good its nothing like I had before. Eat the sausage with bread and mustard and you’re set for the best sausage ever!

The first time I had one was when we were performing in one of the stage, and after the performance we were so hungry so me and two of my friends we went on a search for some good food, and to our luck there was a booth not far from the stage selling sausages. So we ordered 2 sausages, a portion of diced potato mixed with bacon and a grilled chicken, it was AWESOME! The sausage just bursts in your mouth and you can taste different spices.

Because I spent most of my time performing I didn’t get many chance to explore this amazing city and I hope that I could come back soon and see more of what Plzen have for me.



Ikyu Esjepe