Surat dari Leiden


Berikut ini adalah sebuah surat dari Alita Kuntoro, seorang kerabat yang tengah menempuh studi di Leiden, Belanda.

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Dearest Om Iwan, Tante Indah, and Ikyu

I am writing this from Leiden, as I scrolled past some posts in keluargaesjepe’s home page, spotted that you have visited this town before so I don’t have much to tell you. By the time I’m writing this, it has been exactly 100 days since I left Jakarta and exactly 400 days since Papa passed away.

Leiden is a very beautiful town, endowed with picturesque canals that might have inspired van Gogh to paint those sceneries, but I am sure you have also seen those sceneries as well.

Oude Rijn (Old Canal)

Pieter de la Court Gebouw (Yellow-coloured building at the back) is where I’m studying

There’s not much differences in living here as a student or as a visiting tourist, I am still awed by the magical views of the canal on daily basis. Here, I use bike on regular basis, whether to have groceries, going to class and library, or when hanging out with friends.


Hooglandse Kerkgracht

All cities in Netherlands, with Leiden in particular is very enjoyable to ride a bike. There’s a market every Wednesday and Saturday at Botermarkt, near the Town Hall, for someone who grew up with malls, the market is such an eye-opening experience.

Saturday Market at Botermarkt

View from my window

Herengracht (where I live) at night

Maybe that’s my story for now, in other times I might share my experience living abroad (this is my second time living away from home and from my parents). Thank you for reading!