A little note from Brisbane

It has been a long time since I first visited Australia, but last December I decided to spend my holiday to visit my aunty and her family who live in Brisbane. This is my first time traveling abroad without my parents, I went to Brisbane with 2 of my cousins. I didn’t really know what to expect for my trip, but I had tons of fun!

December means summer in Australia. It’s very hot and my skin got darker because of this, but I really don’t mind.

My cousins and I were in shopping heaven because we went to the city on boxing day. If you don’t know what boxing day is, basically it is the day after Christmas where most of the stores have sales. People lined-up in front of the high-end designer stores. We arrived at the city early in the morning and had a great time shopping for things that we couldn’t find in Jakarta.

I really like the food there too, my favorite would probably the orange poppy seed cake that you can get in Coles with whipped cream. I also had the best Japanese curry I have ever eaten from Hanaichi, it was so good that I ordered the regular size, and let me tell you it was huge. Hahaha…

We got to visit Gold Coast, off course, playing on the beach, visited the zoo, and do a tad bit of shopping (again) there too. It was really fun.

I really enjoyed my holiday. I am looking forward for my next trip to Australia, but I hope I could visit other places too.