Pilipinas Kong Mahal

Sunday morning, 10 November 2013, I was speechless when I read newspaper and saw what happened in Philippine, it was so devastating. The news said that the typhoon haiyan went on for about 12 hours, can you imagine that? 12 hours! I know how it felt to have a national disaster, the calamity is very similar to what happened in 2004 when a tsunami hit Aceh.

When I heard this news, I automatically remembered all of the Filipino teachers in my school, and I really hope that none of their family members are injured. But, two of my teachers, Sir Kingsley and Sir Arnel, haven’t heard anything from their family since the typhoon, and I was just imagining how they felt. I would be really worried if I have any families or friends staying there. I just couldn’t imagine all the parents that lost their child and all the families that lost their member in this disaster. Oh, it makes me really sad…

(All pictures are taken from internet)

Me, my mom, and dad, we decided to do something to help them. We’re going to raise money by selling tote bags. All of the money received from selling those bags will probably go help rebuild a school in the Philippines. The reason why we’re going to help rebuilding a school is because many people have provided food, shelter, and clothes. But what is the next step? What will happen to the kids? Will they have to wait for their school to rebuild? How long would that take? Well we want them to go back to school as soon as possible, because education is a very important part of everyone’s childhood.

I still remember, In 2004, we did something similar to this project, not with a tote bag, but with t-shirts. The money collected was also donated to rebuild a school in Aceh. The design process and production of these bags were relatively fast because we produced them only in 2 days, while normally we need 2 weeks for production. I hope our family and friends would help this cause.

I would like to thank Mr. Sunny Reyes, my teacher, for helping us translate the sentence to tagalog.

We’ll keep you informed…