8th Grade…

So… 8th grade is finally over! I am totally going to miss the past year so much, many memories had been made but I’m sure were going to make a whole lot more in the years to come. We have passed countless lessons, school activities, sleepovers, house challenge, etc.

I have to say that we do got scolded by lots and lots of teachers, but we went through it together so it was okay… I guess. 8th grade is probably the most dramatic year ever, lots of break ups, fights, scandals and all of those drama stuffs that belongs in a soap opera. But, this year is filled with inside jokes that no one would actually get it and find it funny if they weren’t in our batch.

I’m going to miss Trawas, High School Musical practice and the show, sports day, yearbook photo shoot, soiree, science fair, community and service, and all those stuffs.

Next school year is going to be different, they are going to mix us so we could be in separate classes and I hate that, I’m not sure yet if they will, but I hope they wont.

Next school year, we will make new memories.

Next school year, will be filled with studying. I just know it, damn you UAN.

Next school year, we’ll drive the teachers crazy like we always do. Were going to laugh like there is no tomorrow.

But most of all were gonna have fun!

I’m going to sound really hipster-y right now but, YOLO!

9th grade here we come!



Pics by: Kyra