Surat Opa Ruud dari Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, NL

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, 30 April 2013

Hi Ikyu,

Today Queen Beatrix officially resigned and her son, Willem Alexander took over to become the King and his wife got the title Queen.

In the Dam palace in Amsterdam Queen Beatrix signed the official papers and from that moment Willem Alexander was the new King, even before he had signed. This took place in the morning and at the Dam square were 25.000 people watching the so called balcony scene after the paperwork (no more people were allowed to enter the square because of security reasons).

First came Beatrix (she has now the title of Princes) together with Willem Alexander and Maxima. Beatrix introduced the new King and Queen to the people. On his turn Willem Alexander thanked his mother for the past 33 years serving the country. Then Beatrix left the balcony and the three young daughters of Willem Alexander and Maxima entered the balcony too. The crowd was very happy seeing the new King and Queen and Amalia, Alexia en Ariane.

In the afternoon the new King and Queen walked around 200 meters from the Dam palace to the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). In the Nieuwe Kerk the whole parliament was present and a lot of official guest from all over the world. Here King Willem Alexander and the parliament promised each other to be loyal to the constitution. Willem Alexander publicly thanked his mother Beatrix and the crowd outside started to applaud what lasted minutes. Willem Alexander is now the head of state but the political responsibility remains to be with the government. And the government is being controlled by the parliament and the parliament can even sack ministers. So there is a balance of power.

The whole country was celebrating Kings-day today and also the Caribean countries belonging the the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Julie and I have watched television and made a walk in our hometown Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel.

Attached some pictures from the television and some pictures taken in our hometown.

Very beste regards,


The flag is out at our house

the walk from the Dam Palace to the Nieuwe Kerk

Balcony scene: The new king and queen with the queen mother

Balcony Scene: The Royal Family

the three princesses: Ariane, Amalia, and Alexia

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJsse

Some houses were beautifully decorated

Even the church is celebrating

Nice sweets are beeing sold