Rantang from Pasar Baru

Last Saturday I went to Pasar baru for the first time. It is located in Central Jakarta. It was probably the best two and a half hour I’ve ever spent in a market, it was a little bit tiring at first but then I just felt excited.

The most memorable place for me there would probably be the Toko Melati. That place is just heavenly! You can basically find everything there from glassware, plastic things, kitchen utensils, and many other house appliances. Toko Melati is a 3-story store building and they sell things for a little bit cheaper price, I think.

I can’t go to the 3rd floor because it’s a storage room. I don’t know if this is the best store to buy kitchen ware, but I rarely go to markets and when I found this shop I was really happy cause you can’t find stores like Toko Melati in malls.

The other thing that I like from the shop is that the employee’s are really friendly and helpful. And I found the way they deliver things from the upper floor to the floor below is funny, they use a basket with a long rope attached to it.

Me and my mom bought so many stuffs, like a chinese mug, napkins, wooden chopping boards, and the best thing: two sets of rantang! Rantang is a stacked food containers. Mom said, in the old days, people used to use rantang instead of plastic container for their lunch box, picnic, or food delivery. I think these rantang look more artistic and beautiful than ordinary plastic lunch box.

Our new rantangs!

All in all it was a good day. After spending almost one hour in Toko Melati, it was time to eat so we headed to Tjikini for lunch!


Ikyu Esjepe

Here are some pictures of the shop:

You break it, you buy it

Let’s cook

Fake flowers, green ducks, and monkey :)

From stainless steel…

to plastic…