How to Fix Your Heart

On Sunday march 24, 2013 I attended Demi Lovato’s concert in Jakarta. She is a 20 years old singer from US and there is only one word to describe it, AMAZING! She sang beautifully, it was a one and a half hour show and it was totally worth it. She sang her single from her new album called Heart Attack, and my favorite song from her is Fix a Heart, it is just so beautiful and the lyrics is really nice, and for me the most meaningful song is Skyscraper because it tells us about her struggle thinking she wasn’t thin enough and being bullied she also self-harm but now she is standing up to bullies and she is the ambassador for a new anti-bullying campaign, she is no longer harming herself. She is my role model, because she proved the haters wrong, she overcame her problems.

Every girl must have those moments that they don’t feel good enough, thin enough, pretty enough all in all they felt insecure about themselves. And Demi wants everyone is perfect in their own way, and you have nothing to be insecure about.

If she is coming back to Indonesia, I am totally going to watch her again! And I hope all her fans could watch her perform!

 “cause you can bandage the damage, but you can never really fix a heart”

~Demi Lovato in Fix Your Heart song