My Community Service

In my school it is mandatory to complete 20 hours of community and service each year, and this year I decided to teach 2 classes of kindergarten students at TK Sekar Harapan with my friends.

On my first day, I was totally nervous because I never teach before especially little kids and it was really nerve wrecking but it all went away when I stepped inside the classroom, they are very welcoming and I felt really excited. They were such sweethearts and fun to teach. For three days me and my friends taught them English and science, and as our farewell we decided to bake them cookies and give to them on our last day.

While baking the cookies with my friends was fun, it was really hard to say goodbye to the kids, but we have to go back to our regular school routine.

I’d like to thank Ibu Hanum to let us teach in her class :) you are such a lovely woman!! It was such an amazing 3 days for me, and I hope I could visit them again if I have the chance to.

Thanks to Shania K. Rumamby for the pics!