Let’s adopt orangutans!

Last Sunday I had to wake up extra early because I have to go to Ragunan, a local zoo in South Jakarta, where you could see orangutans in the Schmutzer Primate Center which is located inside Ragunan zoo.

Lots of orangutans were hiding under the shelter

It was really hot that day, there weren’t many orangutans that I saw there, there are other primates too, such as a gorillas and chimpanzee. I had tons of fun with my friends. We ate and played a few games. We also learned that there are only 2 places where orangutans still exists and one of them is Indonesia, I was really proud when I heard that but also sad at the same time because many of them are being killed or sold illegally. Orangutans can live over 30 years old, and they could walk up to 20 km each day. Other than that they are also very intelligent they could learn something really fast.

Nowaday, the Sumatrans and Borneans (Kalimantan) species are endangered, so let’s save them!

You could donate for their rehabilitation program, and you could also adopt them. Visit www.orangutan.or.id to adopt or donate.

Orangutan is cute!

(When I say adopt, it doesn’t mean you could take them home because that’s illegal. But by adopting the orangutans you are helping with their rehabilitation fee until they could be released back to where they belong, in the forest)

You could see orangutan in real life by visiting Ragunan zoo, or if you want to take a picture with them you could go to Taman Safari.



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